Catch Up Edinburgh 9/4 through 9/5 – (Post 31)

In an attempt to catch up for the final legof mytrip, I am going to group some of my entries…SORRY:(

9-4 Not up as early as I wanted to be. Stopped for a breakfast at the magical pastry shop for some poached eggs and grain toast with coffee of course. The day before I had stood at the window gawking at the magic of pastry like a child, maybe a little drool slipping past my lips. Whoops! Good thing nobody was up yet! I had went in for the strawberry tart but they are not ready yet.  Okay, I settle for the Belguim apple tart and espresso:) I can’t wait because I had to make itto the tour bus for nessie.

Any who, the server is canadian and she came to  Edinburgh to teach but could not find a job as  a teacher. She is not giving up and is taking courses and working tobecome a citizen. I leave her a nice tip.

Off to Edinburgh Castle. I get some great shots of the city and spend a few hours going through the castle with an auddio tour. My favorite part was the views of course and the prisons of war exhibit.

After the castle I head to St Giles cathedral. I have to pay 2 euro to snap pictures but it is well worth it. I sit for some time lost in thought. After leaving I stop at the police station. They have some older cuffs and clubs, etc on display. Forgot to take pictures:(

For dinner I stop at a thai place that is down some stairs and seems a bit dangerous as it is off the beaten path. All good though. I was the only patron and got to talk with the server at length about her plans to go back to Thailand after finishing school in hospitality management. She advises that a degree overseas ensures better pay.  I leave another nice tip.

I walk the streets some more and get back to the hostel. To my surprise the french are already back and getting ready for bed. We end up talking past midnight. I tried my hand at the french accent and it sounds and feels like rocks are coming out of my mouth. It is not fair that the french can sound so silky. Not the language of love without reason.

Valene and I have several laughs about cockburn street and beaches. She looks through my thousands of photos and I promise to send her some pictures. She reminds me a little of myself, well except for being french of course! I hope she does not give up on her dreams of becoming a librian.


Nessie or Not 9/3 – (Post 30)

Woke up early morning for the Northern Scotland tour. The highlight for me I thought would be seeing Nessie at lockness. She eluded me ….or did she??? [insert pic] I did get my obligatory magnet to mark the occasion. We did make several stops before and after. I will post more details and pictures later.

Got back about 8:30 PM and am beat from lack of sleep last night. Well not so beat that I can’t finish the night off with a pint! Caledonia, the local brew, just 40 miles east of Edinburgh.

Later that night I briefly meet the new bunk mates from France. They are in later, which translates to 12:30 AM. I talk with one of the girls about her travels  and her desire to move to Great Britain to become a librarian.

Edinburgh Ahhhh 9/2 – (Post 29)

Jennifer D. was right, three nights could not possibly be enough time to take in the sights here. This is just a view from the Waterloo bar that I am sitting at [insert pic].

This is a view from the hostel that I am staying at on the Royal Mile [insert pic].

And now this is a view of the fireworks they did just for my arrival…. just kidding! The fireworks are to mark the conclusion of the international festival.

I could go on and on with the videos. I am not even sure of what to take pictures of. There is something at every turn. I am almost dizzy from the spinning. I wonder if I can rent a scooter and just get lost for a day. Don’t need a scooter for that, I do get lost off of the bus and take a good hour to find the hostel. Next time I am bring a watch with a compass. How can one expect me to no which way east is when every direction I point is NORTH!

The hostel is in the heart of the Royal Mile. Never met the bunk mates for that night.

Only frustrating thing is that I finally got the tablet charged and now cannot  get connected….ughhhhhh….

Finishing Dublin 9/2 – (Post 28)

Met the Irish Angels for breakfast. They thought leprechans would be a good name but I explained that I already had a lephrechan. In a ride back to pick up my things from the hostel, I told my taxi driver about my lephrecan and he said that I still had a chance for that third meeting. Unfortunately it was not meant to happen. I didn’t see Michael again. I did get a final word on cows versus people……COWS.

We headed out to see some sights and pretty much everything was closed. After we parted ways I ran to the guiness factory where I refused to pay the entry fee for a quick tour. MostlyI wanted the gift shop which I would still have to pay the entry fee. Good thing my taxi driver  told me where to go to get genuine guiness soveigners, and that they would be cheaper. Luck of the Irish is on my side!

Got my t-shirt and magnet and headed off to the airportfor Edinburgh!

Game Day Capper 9/1 – (Post 27)

Had a delightful journey to dinner and then got back to the hostel to meet the new bunk mates. It was a crew of 5 just in to celebrate a 24th birthday. Fun was flowing through the room with wine and hairspray! They were all wearing superhigh heels and twirling around in skirts, literally. They invited me to join them with wine and a night out on the town. I respectfully declined but offered to take a group picture for them instead. They were happy with that and headed out.

They were back within the hour to change their shoes:)

GAME ON 9/1 – (Post 26)

Breakfast with the Irish Angels, the headed off to the game. Aviva Stadium is open and seats over 50,000. The game is sold out! The weather is PERFECT! The company is PERFECT! The seats are PERFECT! The game ends PERFECTLY! Of course you know by now that ND wins big with 50 – 10! I hope the pictures and videos turnn out well.

This was my first live ND game. I say that I am pretty sure that this can never be topped. Between the company, seats, crowd, opponet,  and weather, no other game could possibly compare!


Ohhhh, and we made it on television!


Night before GAME DAY 8/31 – (Post 25)

Visit to the gaol. How very depressing. The historian talked about the children, age 5 the youngest, that went through the gaol for stealing due to the famine. Even then the gaols were severly overcrowded.

The highlight of the tour was a lovely couple I met from Michigan. They did not razz me about being a Notre Dame fan. The husband talked about going to a visit to SouthBend to the Studebaker Museum. I told him to check first but that I was pretty sure the museum was no longer in South Bend. If he still wanted to visit, he could catch a ball game and of course visit Notre Dame.

Dinner at Eddie Rockets…. I know, I know… American, but darn that chocolate shake hit the spot!

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